Supporting your pupils' return to the classroom

With the recent return of pupils to the classroom, the role of assessment in quickly and efficiently identifying the impact of any lost classroom learning, will be even more vital.

Many schools are using standardised assessments to quickly assess pupil attainment and identify any gaps in learning, to ensure that pupils make the best possible progress.

NFER Tests for years 1-6 offer an efficient and reliable way to:

  • evaluate what pupils do and do not know after any disrupted learning
  • identify strengths and weaknesses to inform future teaching
  • recognise, and overcome common errors and misconceptions made by pupils
  • compare your pupils’ performance to national benchmarking data, prior to COVID-19
  • identify the pupils most at need of additional support and inform how this should be delivered.

Our termly tests can be used flexibly over the spring and the summer terms, and the spring tests will provide additional formative benefits to help you formulate your teaching and recovery plans.

Order now to help inform your teaching and recovery plans.

Free diagnostic guidance, providing formative benefits

Looking for common misunderstandings or errors is an effective and efficient way of informing further teaching. To help you maximise the impact of classroom assessment, diagnostic commentaries are included with NFER’s spring term materials, showing where pupils nationally made similar errors and demonstrated widespread misconceptions. This offers greater insight into where pupils may be going wrong and how they can improve.

Diagnostic guidance example materials

Click on the samples below to view the types of diagnostic guidance you will find in the teacher guides

Identifying focus areas with the online Analysis Tool

The NFER Tests Analysis Tool, which is free for all NFER Tests schools, enables you to easily analyse pupil performance, helping to inform planning for the whole cohort as well as on a more individualised basis. Using the Generate Reports function, you can create these useful data summaries:

The NFER Tests Analysis Tool, which is free for all NFER Tests schools, allows you to create a number of useful data summaries, including an attainment comparison report and individual progress report.

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