Protecting Children Online: Teachers' perspectives on eSafety

Helen Aston, Bernadetta Brzyska

08 February 2012

Summary report | Vital website

This report provides an analysis of the responses to questions from a bespoke NFER online teacher survey, using NFER's Teacher Voice Panel, for the DfE's Vital Programme (delivered by the Open University).

Key Findings

  • 87 per cent of teachers feel pupils are e-safe at school, but only 58 per cent think their pupils have the knowledge and skills to stay e-safe at home
  • 74 per cent of teachers think that the prevalence of smart phones among their pupils is making it easier for them to access inappropriate material at school, with nine out of 10 secondary school teachers finding this difficult to manage
  • Cyberbullying continues to be a problem, with 91 per cent of secondary teachers and 52 per cent of primary teachers saying pupils at their school have experienced cyberbullying, and that most of it is perpetrated via social networking sites.

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