Pupil Outcomes: The impact of aimhigher

Marian Morris, Simon Rutt, Tilaye Yeshanew

01 June 2004

This report was based on the detailed analysis of cross-sectional survey data from pupils, teachers and senior managers in schools in Phase 1 and 2 Excellence in Cities areas and Education Action Zones engaged in Aimhigher (previously known as Excellence Challenge). The surveys were part of a range of different evaluation techniques that were being used to examine the impact of Aimhigher on young people's attitudes about and aspirations towards higher education. The baseline data was collected in the spring of 2002, some six months after the launch of the policy. The analysis that is presented here focused on the impact on young people, rather than on their schools or teachers, and established a baseline, in terms of young people's attitudes, behaviour performance and aspirations, against which future changes and developments could be assessed.