The case for careers education and guidance for 14-19 year-olds

01 March 2004

This briefing paper presents an overview of research findings on careers education and guidance in schools and colleges focusing on the perceived need to support the development of skills which will enable students to make more informed choices about their future. It is structured as a series of ten policy and practitioner focused questions together with research-based discussions of issues raised. The first two relate to recent identifiable changes in groups who continue education post-16 as well as the scope for intervention to change attitudes among low achievers. The final eight examine research evidence of the link between careers education and guidance interventions and post-16 participation. Issues discussed include the significance of careers-related skills, questions as to their value, how they may best be developed, the current situation in schools and the level of access to specialist support. Implications for the future focus on the need for a systems solution in recognition of the workload and resource issues inherent in any future implementation of an effective careers education and guidance programme.