Gender Pay Gap: NFER better than national average

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Thursday 5 April 2018

The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) has today published a report on the pay gap between its male and female employees. With 248 full-pay relevant employees on the “snapshot date” of 5 April 2017, NFER is not legally obliged to report on its gender pay gap under the current regulations but has published this information as part of its continuing commitment to transparency.

NFER’s headcount on that date included 181 women and 67 men working across a range of roles.

Mean gender pay gap -3.98%
Median gender pay gap +2.92%
Mean gender bonus gap -23.8%
Median gender bonus gap 0%


NFER’s mean gender pay gap is -3.98% with women being paid more than men in terms of the mean average for both permanent and temporary payrolls. However, on the permanent payroll, this pay gap is very modest (-0.07%).

Conversely the median pay gap is 2.92% and this figure is reasonably consistent across both permanent and temporary staff.

Carole Willis, Chief Executive of NFER, commented: “NFER is pleased that these figures are considerably better than the national picture and is confident that the gender pay gaps that exist do not stem from paying men and women differently for the same or equivalent work. Rather, it is the result of the roles in which men and women work within the organisation and the salaries that these roles attract.”