NFER statement on the EPI’s digital skills report


Monday 28 November 2022

Commenting on the Education Policy Institute’s (EPI) digital skills report, NFER Research Director, Dr Lisa Morrison Coulthard, said:

“The EPI report highlights some important and concerning issues in relation to the current digital skills mismatch. Insights from our Skills Imperative 2035 research programme indicate that there is not only an immediate need to address these shortages, but an even more pressing need to ensure that there is evidence-based long-term planning to meet future skills demands. 

“Our research pinpoints the growing recognition for a ‘new breed of digital and essential employment skills’, and that specialist digitally trained professionals are expected to be one of the fastest growing roles. Evidence from our recently published labour market projections estimate a high-level of demand for advanced digital skills, as digitally related occupations will grow considerably by 2035, specifically for programmers and software development professions, IT business analysts, architects, and system designers. 

“Alongside literacy and numeracy, basic digital skills will be essential for young people to flourish in the labour market of the future, as well as other employment skills such as problem solving, teamwork, creativity and resilience.”