NFER statement on The Sutton Trusts’ new report on the tutoring landscape


Thursday 9 March 2023

Following the publication of The Sutton Trusts’ new report that sets out the latest trends in the use of private and in-school tutoring, NFER’s Head of Classroom Practice and Workforce, Dr Ben Styles, said:

It is great to see that tutoring funded by the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) has resulted in a narrowing of the ‘tutoring gap’ between disadvantaged pupils and their peers, whose parents can afford private tuition.

“However, as this reports states, more research is needed, in particular around the most effective models of tuition. As part of our evaluation work on tutoring, NFER has identified at least 15 factors that might impact on its efficacy.

“As teachers continue to deploy tutoring in schools, they need evidence on what kind of models work well to ensure this valuable resource is not squandered.”