Sir Jim Rose steps down as NFER President 2008 – 2022

Press Release

Monday 3 October 2022

We are extremely grateful to Sir Jim Rose, who has served as our President for 14 years.

His support, insights, and advice have helped to shape the organisation and our work, increasing our reach and our impact on education. We have benefited enormously from his wisdom, experience and understanding of education. We are very proud that he has been willing to represent the organisation in his Honorary role as President.

Our Impact Reviews, dating back to 2013, tell a story of an increasingly influential and important organisation in education. With Sir Jim’s help, we have sought to be more outward looking and to increase our engagement with policy makers and practitioners. This is so that our research findings and insights can more directly inform decision making in education and improve the life chances of children and young people.

The development of the organisation is evident from these reports, demonstrating the increasing reach of our work, our focus on key topics in education and our growing work in other countries to strengthen their education systems.

The success of our work is entirely dependent on our relationships with education stakeholders, partners and schools – and with highly respected people such as Sir Jim.

On behalf of the whole of NFER, thank you for encouraging us and for supporting and championing our work, Sir Jim.