An Approach to Test Development

Tandi Clausen-May

01 January 2001

Tests are having an increasing impact on what goes on in schools.

A good test can support and inform teachers in their work. It will encourage good teaching practice, with a coherent, holistic approach to the curriculum. It will focus on pupils' understanding, rather than on their memory. And it will be accessible, as it stands, to pupils with a wide range of special educational and assessment needs.

This book explains some of the nuts and bolts of sound test development. Written by a teacher and test developer, it will be of interest to anyone who wants to

  • choose a test to use in the classroom;
  • interpret test results;
  • write test questions;
  • manage the development of a large-scale testing project.

Using straightforward, readable language, An approach to Test Development offers an insight into the sometimes puzzling world of tests and testing.

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