An investigation into the provision of built environment education to schools in London, the South East and Yorkshire and the Humber

Sally Kendall, Anne Wilkin, Jenny Murfield

01 January 2007

Engaging Places was set up by DCMS to develop an approach that can make people more aware of the learning opportunities available in the built environment and ‘unlock’ the educational potential for schools of the historic and contemporary built environment. NFER was commissioned to undertake two research projects which independently considered the supply side (providers) and the demand/audience side (teachers/schools) of built environment education, each focused on three pilot regions (London, the South East and Yorkshire and the Humber).

This publication is the report of the research considering the supply side (providers of build education).

A synthesis of the main findings from the two research projects was also commissioned in the form of a briefing document for Ministers, senior official and members of key sponsored bodies and stakeholders.

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