Analysis of Children and Young People's Plans 2006

Claire Easton, Anne Wilkin, Kay Kinder, Caroline Gulliver, Kerry Martin, Jenny Murfield, Megan Jones, Tamsin Chamberlain, Pippa Lord, Helen Moor, Alison Stott, Catherine Paterson, Juanita Ries, Carol Wilkin, Sheila Stoney

20 October 2006

NFER's study of 75 CYPPs builds a national picture of the content of the plans and how they contribute to the five outcomes of Every Child Matters (ECM). It is intended to inform future approaches to planning and highlight areas of support which will be useful to LAs. The analysis covers 11 themes and includes examples from the plans.


The analysis suggests three particular avenues for development of further guidance:

  • future plans to define clearly the LA's intentions regarding the next stages in planning and/or implementation
  • an agreed glossary of definitions; clarification and further examples of terminology relating to priorities, actions and targets in the ECM planning process
  • plans to demonstrate clear and specific links between actions and targets.

Each section of Analysis of Children and Young People's Plans can be downloaded individually by clicking on the titles below (PDF format).

Key Findings

  • The importance of developing local partnerships and responding to local needs is recognised, overall, across the plans
  • there is a marked diversity in the coverage of the different themes across the plans
  • the ECM outcomes framework is used in a variety of ways, suggesting that LAs work with it as a conceptual tool rather than adhering to it as a blueprint formula
  • many LAs produced additional material written specifically for children and young people, reflecting an intention to be accessible and to engage young people
  • there is scope for future guidance on identification and allocation of resources, performance management arrangements and commissioning strategies.

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