Annual Survey of Trends in Primary Education: Survey of 2004

Claire Easton, Lesley Kendall, Sarah Knight

17 May 2005

The Annual Survey of Trends in Primary Education is a series of questionnaire surveys of primary schools, which has been conducted by NFER each year since 1994. The purpose of the Annual survey is to obtain up-to-date information from primary school headteachers and to ensure that their views are given widespread coverage as part of the continuing debate on education. It provides regular, reliable and easily accessible information on key aspects of educational practice.

In 2004 the survey was jointly funded by the Local Government Association. Topics covered included:

  • headteachers’ main areas of concern
  • budgetary issues
  • curriculum issues
  • changes to the school year
  • extended schools
  • parental involvement in school issues
  • school improvement
  • schools’ working relationships with other local authority services
  • involvement in the Primary Leadership Programme.

The report presents an analysis of the findings by LEA type, free school meals and school size, and makes recommendations for further research. This is important reading for teachers, headteachers, LEA staff, policy makers and parents.

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