Arts in Their View: A study of youth participation in the arts

Kay Kinder, John Harland, Kate Hartley

01 March 1995

While most young people could recall at least one arts experience which they valued at primary and secondary schools, e.g. drama, music or visual arts, the majority would also have welcomed more opportunities in the arts. Similarly, although secondary arts teachers were perceived to be a leading inspirational influence, they were also deemed to be a main factor in turning young people off the arts.

These are just some of the findings to emerge from a wide-ranging study of young people and the arts reported in this book. Supported by the Arts Council of England, the Baring Foundation, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and the NFER itself, the research set out to provide a national picture of youth participation in the arts. To do this, interviews were conducted with 700 young people between the ages of 14 and 24 in five regions of England.

This report presents a wealth of new information, including evidence on young people's leisure activities, their attitudes to the arts, their participation in specific art forms, their experiences of the arts inside and outside of formal education, e.g. schools as well as youth clubs, and their perceptions of the effects of arts involvement. The findings should be of interest to anyone involved with young people and the arts, particularly arts teachers, advisers, lecturers, youth workers, artists, policy-makers and funders in the arts.

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