Assessment for Learning: Literacy - practical resources for the classroom. Resource pack 10-11

Liz Twist, Marian Sainsbury

01 February 2006

Sharks includes a variety of information texts with factual and persuasive content, a shark poem and a story. The associated activities include opportunities to research and prepare information texts, to examine and produce persuasive leaflets, to look closely at the language used in literary and information texts and to consider plot structure in narrative writing.

What do you think? is in magazine format and addresses a range of issues such as health and nutrition, leisure pursuits and animal rights. The content is presented through a range of text types and the activities include the evaluation of bias and balance in written articles.

The literacy activities in these resource packs are designed to encourage pupils to focus on the learning intentions, learn how to give and receive constructive feedback and develop the skills to monitor their own learning in line with the principles of Assessment for Learning research.