Assessment for Learning: Literacy - practical resources for the classroom. Resource pack 7-8

Liz Twist, Marian Sainsbury, Margaret Reed

01 February 2006

Snow includes a range of texts including information texts, a biographical narrative and poems all of which are linked by a central theme of snow. Accompanying reading and writing activities focus on biography, autobiography, writing notes, and poetry. Links can be made to other curricular areas such as science.

Jack and the Beanstalk focuses on the traditional tale and also includes a short playscript text. The activities include the exploration of the features of traditional stories as well as the use of language in the portrayal of characters. Aspects of drama and stage productions are also covered.

The literacy activities in these resource packs are designed to encourage pupils to focus on the learning intentions, learn how to give and receive constructive feedback and develop the skills to monitor their own learning in line with the principles of Assessment for Learning research.