Barriers to Participation in Education and Training

Sarah Golden, Helen Marshall, Thomas Spielhofer, Kelly Evans, Ben Styles, Ellie Mundy, Marco Pomati

01 June 2010

Research report available to download from DFE

Research brief available to download from DFE

This study explores the barriers and constraints young people currently face when deciding what to do at the end of their compulsory schooling in Year 11. The study conducted by the NFER, working in partnership with Triangle and QA Research, included a survey of 2029 young people who completed Year 11 in either 2008 or 2009 conducted between August and October 2009. This survey was supplemented by interviews with booster samples of 519 young people across specific sub-groups and 102 parent interviews.

Key Findings

  • The study shows that the majority of young people completing Year 11 (86 per cent) do not experience any barriers that stop them from participating in their choice of learning post-16
  • However, a notable minority of young people (14 per cent) are prevented from doing what they want to do, while 63 per cent report experiencing at least one barrier or constraint
  • The main barriers and constraints experienced by young people relate to finance, transport, availability of provision and their knowledge and awareness of the post-16 options available to them
  • Young people who live in rural areas have significantly increased odds of experiencing transport as a barrier or constraint than similar young people who do not live in rural areas
  • Finance is significantly more likely to be experienced as a barrier or constraint by young people who are NEET, those in JWT and teenage parents
  • The study suggests that there is an issue around the amount and nature of IAG available to some young people. A substantial minority of young people, particularly those with LDD, teenage parents, and young people in JWT or who are NEET feel that they have not received enough support and information, and do not feel prepared for their future when completing Year 11.

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