Bloodhound Education Programme: Independent audit of activities

National Foundation for Educational Research , NFER

01 November 2009

The Bloodhound Engineering Project is a four-year project which aims to design and build a super sonic car (SSC) that will break the world land speed record. It was launched in October 2008. A separate education programme called the ‘Bloodhound Education Programme’ (BEP), which was launched at the same time, is linked to the engineering project. The BEP provides pupils from primary and secondary school, through to students in further and higher education, with the opportunity to engage with the Bloodhound Engineering Project with the aim of inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

The Royal Academy of Engineering commissioned NFER to carry out this independent audit of the Bloodhound Education Programme activities. The research was predominantly concerned with establishing the level of participation in those areas of the programme that were operational, and examining the progress of those components still in the planning stage.

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