Computer Games, Schools and Young People: a report for educators on using games for learning

Ben Williamson

01 March 2009

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This report focuses on the use of games as resources to support the educational aims, objectives and planned outcomes of teachers who understand that games are an important medium in contemporary culture and young people’s experiences.

The report provides an assessment of game-based learning in UK schools. It is intended to ‘test out’ the hype and enthusiasm for using games in education, and to identify a sensible rationale and practical strategies for teachers to try out games in the classroom. It is aimed at classroom teachers working in primary and secondary schools, as well as relevant agencies such as teacher training institutions, and policy makers (particularly those addressing the Byron Review). The focus is mainly on the use of games designed for entertainment purposes and their use in schools, rather than on games designed for educational reasons. Further and higher education are outside the scope of the report.

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