Curriculum and Progression in the Arts: An International Study (Final Report)

Caroline Sharp , Karen Whitby , Geoff Taggart

01 September 2004

Available to download from INCA website

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in England recently undertook a curriculum development project to identify ways in which the contribution of the arts to pupils’ education can be maximised. The result was a website of resources and case studies. As a continuation of this work, QCA commissioned NFER to conduct an international survey. The purpose of the survey was to discover the place of the arts in the curriculum in a range of countries and states participating in the International Review of Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks (INCA) project (O’Donnell et al, 2004).

Following on from a previous international study focusing on the arts (Sharp and Le Métais, 2000), the survey considered the expectations for pupils’ progress and approaches to monitoring and assessment in arts subjects. Questionnaires were completed by representatives from 21 countries/states.


O’Donnell, S., Andrews, C., Brown, R. and Sargent, C. (2004). INCA: The International Review of Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks Archive. London: Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).

Sharp. C. and Le Metais, J. (2000). The Arts, Creativity and Cultural Education: an International Perspective. London: QCA.