Curriculum and Qualification Needs of Young People who are at Risk of Disengagement: A practical guide for headteachers

National Foundation for Educational Research, NFER

22 October 2012

This document offers practical guidance for school leaders based on findings from the NFER publication Review of the curriculum and qualification needs of young people who are at risk of disengagement. This literature review explores what the research evidence tells us about the curricula and qualifications which are most likely to encourage those young people who are at risk of becoming disengaged (and thus becoming NEET) to stay on, instead, and continue with their education and training.

The nature of this topic means that the research evidence, and thus this guidance, pertains to secondary schools. However, there is some indirect relevance for primary schools and their heads, in that such ‘risk’ of disengagement can often be deeply-rooted in a young person’s whole educational experience.