Curriculum and Teaching Innovation: Transforming classroom practice and personalisation

Ben Williamson, Sarah Payton

01 January 2009

Aimed at educational leaders involved in curriculum and teaching innovation, this handbook provides guidance for exploring the potential of personalisation to transform curriculum design and teaching practices.

The handbook is not a step-by-step guide to ‘doing’ innovation in school, nor a set of classroom resources. It should be used for schools to devise aims and objectives for curriculum and teaching innovations, and to inform the decision-making process during long-term curriculum planning. It can be read and used by all educators interested in educational change, and it aims to draw together key considerations from a range of curriculum and teaching initiatives from across the UK. It is hoped that as more and more schools begin to innovate with their curriculum, and to innovate with teaching and learning, that a rich body of evidence and case studies will emerge that can be shared in an ethos of collaborative collegiality. It is hoped this handbook can contribute to the momentum for exciting, challenging and transformational change in schools.

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