Disengagement and Re-engagement of Young People in Learning at Key Stage 3

Marian Morris , Charlynne Pullen

18 October 2007

This small-scale scoping study is part of a wider collaborative project, part-funded by the DCSF, led by research in practice and NFER, designed to promote evidence-informed approaches to engaging and re-engaging young people in learning at Key Stage 3. The scoping study, sponsored by the Nuffield Foundation and NFER and published by research in practice, seeks to:

  • identify the nature and scope of the problem, both in England and elsewhere
  • ascertain the apparent causes of any identified disengagement (including those identified by young people)
  • explore the relative success of any interventions that have been implemented to re-engage young people in education.

This publication is available to purchase from the Research in Practice website at a cost of £10.00

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