Education and Inspections Act 2006: The Essential Guide

Alan Parker, Alex Duncan, John Fowler

10 January 2007

The Education and Inspections Act 2006 gives local authorities a new strategic role as champion of parents and children, and sets up the national inspectorate covering education, skills and children's services. The Act also introduces the new specialized diplomas for 14-19 education and revises the law on school discipline and parenting contracts.

This comprehensive publication:

  • offers a simple and detailed guide to the new legislation set in the context of previous law and government policy
  • provides up-to-date information on the Act's implementation
  • explains how the Act will affect the work of local authorities and schools
  • sets out the new law on school organization and admissions
  • explains the changes to the law on school discipline and transport

Who the guide is for:

  • children's services and other local authority officers
  • headteachers and senior school staff
  • school governors
  • voluntary sector workers supporting parents on school admissions, pupil exclusions and transport
  • school improvement partners
  • appellants to school adjudicators
  • higher and further education institutions