Evaluation of Aimhigher: Excellence Challenge. Aspirations to higher education: one year on

Marian Morris, Simon Rutt

23 November 2005

Available to download from DfE

The briefing paper upon which this summary is based is the fourth in a series looking at the higher education and other learning aspirations and intentions of young people in their post-16 destinations, following the implementation of two major Government policy initiatives.

Key Findings

Participation in Aimhigher: Excellence Challenge activities (pre- and post-16) was associated with:

  • A greater likelihood of a successful transition at 16
  • Positive attitudes to higher education
  • A greater likelihood of stating an intention to go to university.

However, for some young people, policy-related awareness-raising and aspiration-raising activities were insufficient to overcome barriers to aspiring to a university education that appeared to result from a lack of motivation on their post-16 course and a concern about incurring debt.

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