Evaluation of Aimhigher: Excellence Challenge. The views of partnership coordinators 2004

Sarah Golden, Marian Morris, Michelle Judkins, Eleanor Ireland

23 November 2005

This report supplements two previous reports of the findings from interviews with Aimhigher: Excellence Challenge partnership coordinators by presenting the views of coordinators in the third year of the evaluation. It explores:

  • the extent and nature of any change and developments in the structure of partnerships
  • the types and range of activities partnerships were offering, the extent of any change in activities and coordinators’ views of the effectiveness of activities
  • the evidence of the impact and outcomes of Aimhigher:Excellence Challenge based on qualitative data, annual monitoring returns to DfES and any supporting evidence from partnerships
  • the partnership coordinators’ views of the future developments and sustainability of Aimhigher: Excellence Challenge.

Download the executive summary from the DfE website

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