Evaluation of Norfolk County Council's Approach to Securing Services to Improve Young People's Well Being

Claire Easton, Gill Featherstone, Kelly Kettlewell, Nalia Thurgood

21 March 2013

Norfolk County Council commissioned NFER to undertake a process evaluation of their approach to securing services to improve young people’s well-being. In response to changes to the youth sector in recent years, Norfolk County Council adopted a new model of youth services, focusing on building sustainable communities through local decision-making. Youth Advisory Boards (YABs) have been established across the seven localities of Norfolk to foster partnership arrangements.

Key Findings

  • Overall Norfolk County Council and the seven YABs are making good progress towards putting the foundations in place to help ensure that local services and activities are meeting the needs of young people.
  • Establishing this new way of working has been a learning curve for both the County Council, the YABs, partner agencies and young people but collectively they are developing the model and building the base for future commissioning and sustainable service provision.
  • Multi-agency engagement has been high but there is still some work to do to engage some key sectors (e.g. education, health and business).
  • Young people are actively engaged and contribute successfully to the work of the YABs. Partner agencies very much welcome young people’s commitment, insight and contribution.