Evaluation of the 1998 Summer Schools Programme

Marian Sainsbury, Ian Schagen, Angus McDonald, Louise Caspall, Lesley Ravenscroft

01 February 1999

This is the full technical report of the evaluation of the 1998 summer schools programme, conducted by NFER, under contract to the Department for Education and Employment (DfEE).

In 1998, there were over 500 Summer Literacy Schools, and smaller pilot programmes for Summer Numeracy Schools and for pupils with special educational needs. The report presents an analysis of test results from samples totalling about 2,500 children participating in the three programmes. It also examines the children's attitudes to their studies in literacy or numeracy at the beginning and end of the summer school period. There is an in-depth descriptive analysis of the process of setting and monitoring targets for the summer school pupils.

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