Evaluation of the Career Developments of Early Years Professionals (EYPs)

Jennie Harland , Matthew Walker , Iain Springate , Megan Jones , Matt Walker , Holly Mitchell , Suzanne Straw , Liz Philips , Mary Baginsky

01 June 2009

Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) is awarded to graduates who demonstrate that they have met the Early Years Professional National Standards. It is designed to encourage graduate professional leadership in the early years. This evaluation of the career developments of Early Years Professionals (EYPs) was undertaken by NFER with QA Research and the CWDC between October 2007 and May 2008. It explored the impact of attainment of EYPS on line management, leadership and practice, career prospects and salary, and also how EYPS is regarded and recognised by employees and colleagues.

Key Findings

  • The evaluation findings suggest that EYPS, and the short pathway in particular, is leading to some important outcomes for EYPs and the settings they work within.
  • For those on the validation pathway, there may be value in ensuring the inclusion of new knowledge and higher level skills development, in relation to effective management skills in particular.
  • Employers might benefit from more guidance in relation to the roles and responsibilities of the EYP and salary structures.
  • More guidance would be helpful regarding the role of local authorities in increasing recognition of the Status and in supporting EYPs to network and continue their professional development post-EYPs.
  • Higher education institutions might also benefit from more guidance as to the role they should play in relation to providing on-going support for EYPs who have achieved the Status.

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