Evaluation of the IntegratED Programme: Summary Report

Emma Disley, Natalie Picken, Lillian Flemons, Emily Hutton (RAND Europe); Kerry Martin, Eleanor Bradley, Megan Lucas, Caroline Sharp (NFER)

06 November 2023

Between 2019 and 2023, Porticus – a philanthropic organisation – supported around 20 organisations working to prevent inappropriate exclusion from school and improve the quality of alternative provision. RAND evaluated progress towards the Programme goals and NFER focused on the outcomes achieved by the in-school interventions and pilots.

At the Programme-level, IntegratED made progress in all ten intended outcomes and delivered some results not originally expected. The evaluations found that half of the intended Programme outcomes had been achieved and tangible progress was made towards the others.

The work of IntegratED partners has contributed to an improved understanding of the nature of exclusion and alternative provision and generated ideas about improvements to support the country’s most vulnerable children. The report contains 5 key recommendations for future programmatic working.

Key Findings

IntegratED achievements include:

  • Creation of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for School Exclusions and Alternative Provision
  • Creation and adoption by local authorities and MATs of an Alternative Provision Quality Toolkit
  • Piloting a systemic approach to preventing exclusions in local authorities
  • Integrated partners’ responses to the SEND Review
  • The roll-out of training and support to staff and professionals, students and families
  • Contribution to improved knowledge about whole-child development, alternative provision and preventing exclusion
  • Where Partners implemented initiatives in schools, teachers’ knowledge and understanding improved.