Evaluation of the National Remodelling Team: Year 3

Caroline Sharp, Anna Eames, Claire Easton, Rebekah Wilson, Matthew Walker

01 August 2006

Building on the year 1 and 2 evaluations of the NRT, as conducted by NFER, this study examined the effectiveness and impact of the work of the NRT in completing the third phase of the remodelling programme. In addition, the evaluation sought to explore the effectiveness of the NRT in applying its model, tools and techniques to the extended schools programme.

The report provides useful case study examples from schools that used a range of approaches to develop extended provision.

Key Findings

  • The evaluation showed that, generally, the work of the NRT was considered to be effective and was having a positive impact on local authorities, schools, children, young people and local communities.
  • Key informants (including local authority personnel and school staff) were highly satisfied with the training and support offered, although there was an acknowledged need for further refinement and development of processes and materials.

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Training and Development Agency for Schools