Evaluation of the National Tutoring Programme Year 3: Implementation and Process Evaluation

Sarah Lynch, Katherine Aston, Eleanor Bradley, Chris Morton, Andrew Smith, Juan Manuel Del Pozo Segura and Pippa Lord

31 October 2023

Research report on the gov.uk website

This report summarises the findings from the implementation and process evaluation of the third year of the National Tutoring programme (2022-23). The programme is an important part of the Government’s Covid-19 recovery response, offering tuition support to pupils in Years 1-11 who have been hit hardest by the disruption.  

Drawing on survey and interview data from participating schools, the report focuses on: the implementation of the NTP in the third year; the extent to which the NTP has supported pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND); the benefits and perceived impact of the NTP; and the extent to which the NTP is supporting tuition being embedded within the school system.  

Key Findings

  • there was high satisfaction for the NTP overall, across its different routes, and with different aspects of delivery of the programme 
  • there was a strong perception amongst school staff of impact of the NTP on pupil self-confidence, attainment, and on them catching up with their peers 
  • at the time of the evaluation, leaders felt that tutoring was integrated and part of schools’ daily provision or support offer, enabled by NTP funding  
  • the majority of school leaders wanted to continue with the NTP, but its future sustainability was considered questionable given the funding subsidy was reducing in 2023-24 and then ceasing in 2024-25.  
  • NFER recommends a change to the funding model is considered to allow schools to use funds without the requirement to top-up from their other already stretched budgets.

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