Evaluation of the National Welsh for Adults Programme

Robert Smith, Robat Powell

01 December 2003

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The overarching aim of the project was to ascertain the impact of the programme on the provision of Welsh language training, the development of collaborative working between providers and the expansion of participation, and whether it caused an increase in the numbers of learners attaining fluency. A key objective within this general aim was to establish the actual cost of delivering the programme.

Key Findings

The project's main recommendations were:

  • present levels of funding should be increased and the FE subject weighting for Welsh be raised
  • a new organisational model should be introduced to replace the consortia structure
  • a national, central agency should be developed to coordinate the Welsh for Adults programme on the model of the Basque HABE organisation. Two options were suggested as a means of delivering the programme.

It was also recommended that:

  • a national forum for providers should be established to promote cooperation and dissemination of good practice
  • a national Welsh for Adults tutor qualification should be introduced to ensure the quality of teaching
  • the profile of the procedures for commissioning materials should be raised.

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