Evaluation of the NYA Tailored Support Offer to Local Authorities: Case studies report

David Sims, Clare Southcot, Kelly Kettlewell, Eleanor Stevens

09 July 2012

The LGA commissioned NFER to undertake an evaluation of the National Youth Agency (NYA) programme of tailored support to local authorities. The evaluation aims to help NYA tailor their support offer more effectively in order to help local authorities to improve their youth service. Phase 2 of the evaluation comprised telephone interviews with up to three members of staff in each of the 11 case-study authorities.

This document presents the 11 case-studies which highlight examples of the tailored consultancy support local authorities have received from the NYA to help with their youth offer. The final stage of the evaluation will involve follow-up telephone interviews with LA representatives across all 19 authorities involved in Phase 1 of the research. The interviews will explore the impact of the NYA tailored support offer and outline suggestions and recommendations for how the programme could be improved in the future.

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