Games-based Learning Experiences: Testing the principles with teachers and students

Mary Ulicsak, Kieron Kirkland, Marisa Harlington

01 December 2010

This paper outlines the findings from three workshops with teachers and students in which they:

  • give feedback on the relative importance of key learning elements identified in digital games
  • explore how these elements could be used to support the creation of games-based learning experiences in formal education settings.

The workshops were designed to explore how the previous research within this project which identified learning elements from digital games (Bober 2010) could be applied in formal education settings and used as the basis for games-based learning experiences that did not have to include digital games. The teacher workshops identified tools through which these principles could be applied. However, teacher availability meant they did not use these tools to create a games-based experience.

The paper describes: the participants, the workshop activities, the findings of the workshops, and in particular teacher and student attitudes towards each of the key learning elements and which they felt were most important to include if creating games-based learning experiences for the classroom.

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