Honest Brokers: The role of LEAs in post-16 education

Fiona Johnson, Sandie Schagen

01 November 1994

Recent years have seen a number of developments in post-16 education, with the pace of change continuing to accelerate due to a number of factors. These include:

  • the marked increase in the number of young people staying on in full time education post-16;
  • the diversification of courses for post-16 students, including the new emphasis on vocational qualifications, especially GNVQ;
  • changes in the financing and control of post-16 institutions, as a result of government legislations.

Through its Membership Programme of research, the NFER investigated the impact on these changes on schools with sixth forms, and the ways in which schools and LEAs responded to the new developments. This paper reports on one phase of the research.

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