Inter-school Collaboration: A Literature Review

Karen Halsey, Mary Atkinson, Iain Springate, Fiona Johnson

01 October 2007

Could collaboration between schools in Northern Ireland be used to promote interconnections between denominational education sectors as part of a contribution to improving community relations?

The National Foundation for Educational Research reviewed the literature on school collaboration in order to gain information on the different ways in which schools work in partnership. The review illustrates the various models and approaches used by schools and highlights particularly effective strategies. The report covers:

  • different types of inter-school collaboration
  • main drivers and aims of collaboration
  • managing collaborations
  • collaborative activities
  • the role of outside agents in supporting collaborative working
  • the gains of inter-school collaboration
  • factors influencing inter-school collaboration
  • effective practice in collaborative working.

This report is essential reading for all those working towards improving community relations in Northern Ireland, particularly with regard to education.

This report was formerly available with the ISBN: 978 1 905314 61 4

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Inter-school collaboration: a literature review

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