Jungulator: Research Report

Teresa Dillon

01 October 2005

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Self-generative systems are rule-based structures that unfold in 'real-time', with varying levels of complexity. This paper describes the redesign and development of a new user interface for a self-generative audio-visual (AV) prototype called Jungulator. Modifying an existing version of this software, a new application was created for use with young people (14-17 years) within school settings, community arts education and as a professional artistic-performance tool. Within this paper our iterative, user-centred approach to re-designing this tool and the outcomes from our initial workshops are discussed, along with an outline of progress to date.

The main aim of the project was to extend and improve on the existing Jungulator software. In the original version, the audio and visual components of Jungulator were separate. The project supported the integration of both the audio and visual generators, creating an interoperable tool that allowed users (young people aged 14-17 years) to create their own unique arrangements. Integral to this phase was the development and evaluation of an appropriate user interface that facilitates young people's creativity when working with Jungulator.

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