Key Data on Music Education Hubs 2013

Caroline Sharp, David Sims

08 April 2014

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Music Education Hubs (MEHs) were created to provide access, opportunities and excellence in music education for all children and young people. A total of 123 MEHs were established and started work in 2012.

NFER carried out secondary analysis of a survey conducted by Arts Council England in October 2013. The study concluded that hubs appear to be fulfilling their core roles, although there is some room to increase their reach in order to ensure children from all backgrounds and in every part of England have the opportunity to participate in active music-making, experiencing enjoyment and success.

Key Findings

  • Hubs are engaging with the majority of state-funded schools in their areas, providing pupils with opportunities to play instruments and sing both in class and through ensembles and choirs.
  • Hubs were working with 83 per cent of primary schools and 76 per cent of secondary schools in their areas.
  • A total of 531,422 pupils received at least one term of whole class ensemble tuition in 2012/13 and 437,975 of these pupils received this tuition for the first time in 2012/13.
  • A total of 618,952 pupils regularly attended at least one school- or hub-led instrumental ensemble or choir.
  • Hubs’ total income from all sources in 2012-13 totalled over £187 million. A third of this came from the grant funded by the Department for Education. The remaining two thirds came from a range of sources, including schools, parents/carers and local authorities.

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