Learner Engagement: A Review of Learner Voice Initiatives Across the UK's Education Sectors

Leila Walker, Ann Logan

01 January 2008

The purpose of this report is to provide educators working within primary, secondary, further and higher education with a guide to how learner voice is currently being used to shape policy and practice in education. Case studies have been chosen to illustrate the potential impact learner voice can make across the UK’s education sectors. Although the case studies provided are from different sectors – we would encourage readers to explore the methods and activities used in each, as these may offer new perspectives that you may wish to consider in your own context. In addition, the report discusses how digital technology may be used to advance learner voice initiatives by enabling greater learner-driven practice, as well as engaging all learners, particularly those who are typically under-represented.

The main aims of this report are:

  • To summarise the evidence from research, policy and practice for the promotion of learner voice engagement across the primary, secondary, further (FE) and higher (HE) sectors of education.
  • To highlight current learner voice practice and the need to enhance the process.
  • To outline the potential role of digital technologies to empower all learners to have their say.
  • To provide useful guidance on developing learner voice activities.
  • To provide a directory of resources to engage learner voice across the education sectors.