Local Authority Progress in Tackling Child Poverty

Caroline Filmer-Sankey, Lisa O'Donnell, Julie Nelson

05 May 2011

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The Local Government Group (LG Group) commissioned NFER to assess local authorities’ progress in meeting the duties placed on them by the 2010 Child Poverty Act, specifically the requirement to complete a local needs assessment and a joint local child poverty strategy. In-depth telephone interviews with 43 child poverty partnership members across nine case-study areas were conducted between January and March 2011.

Key Findings

  • Eradication of child poverty is considered to be a high priority across the case-study areas. However interviewees were concerned about the lack of statutory and prescriptive guidance from government and about the potential effects of the current public-sector budget reductions.
  • Most partnerships are well developed, and interviewees consider them to have the key ingredients for successful collaboration, although very few partnerships have been able to pool or align their funds. Partnerships have clear views on the guidance and support they need to drive their work forward.
  • Child poverty partners are concerned about how they will turn their strategic planning into effective action, and whether their strategies will have a positive impact on families and children. Many believe that partnerships can make a difference if they focus on direct intervention with families rather than macro-economic issues.

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