National Survey for Wales, 2012-13, Satisfaction with Education: Final Report

Jo Morrison, Liz Phillips, Rose Cook

15 May 2014

This project involved an in-depth analysis of the National Survey for Wales’ data on education which identified and explored the relationships between individual, area and local authority-level characteristics. The analysis focused on parents’ satisfaction with their child’s school; engagement with their children; assistance with their children’s learning; aspirations for their children; and views on the education system.

Key Findings

  • The analysis’ findings were generally in line with existing research into the relationship between assistance with learning and socio-economic status, parental education, parental gender, and children’s age.
  • Regarding aspirations for children, we found that most parents across Wales wanted their children to stay in full-time education after the age of 18, although the factors which influence parents’ aspirations for their children are complex and multiple.
  • Respondents across Wales generally had positive views of the education system, although research into the factors which are linked to this is scarce.
  • In conclusion, the analysis is useful in showing which factors are statistically linked to the differences in the National Survey patterns. However, further robust, high-quality research is needed to explore these relationships further.

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Welsh Government