NFER Teacher Voice Omnibus November 2012 Survey: Understanding Union Membership and Activity

Katie Pyle, Rob Ager

01 January 2013

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The Department for Education submitted eight questions to NFER’s Teacher Voice Omnibus Survey in November 2012. The questions covered the following topics: Whether responding teachers were members of a teaching union, and the reasons they were or were not; The number of the teachers at respondents’ schools employed full- or part-time as teaching union representatives; and whether the current ‘work to rule’ by teachers was having an impact in respondents’ schools.

Key Findings

  • All but three per cent of teachers reported that they belonged to a teaching union
  • Seven out of ten of the respondents who currently belong to a union said it was to have support if they had a problem at work
  • More than three-quarters of respondents reported that there were no members of the teaching staff at their school who worked full-time on activities connected with their role as a union representative
  • Six out of ten respondents said that staff at their school were not working to rule.

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