NYA Engagement Network: Effective practice guide

David Sims, Kelly Kettlewell

23 September 2011

Evaluation of the NYA Engagement Network

This guide aims to provide effective practice guidance and examples of what works for those involved in projects related to enabling young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) to have their say and influence provision. The research is based on the National Youth Agency (NYA) Engagement Network, which was commissioned and funded by the LG Group. The National Engagement Network Pilot finished in June 2011. It will now be for local areas to decide whether they want to set up local networks and the NYA will continue to offer support to the areas that do. The NYA will continue to host Engagement Network resources on its website.

The guide is laid out as a number of questions in order to help practitioners decide how best to set up their own Engagement Network or similar project. The term network is used throughout for consistency; however, it should be interpreted broadly as the effective practice highlighted in the guide has applications to those who want to set up any project in which young people who are NEET are encouraged to have a voice. The questions are as follows:

  • What is the NYA Engagement Network?
  • What works in engaging young people?
  • What types of activities are effective in keeping young people engaged and helping them to have a voice?
  • What type of support is effective in enabling young people to influence and shape provision?
  • How does an Engagement Network make a difference to young people?