Perceptions of the LGE: Research Summary

Anne Wilkin, Jean Sutton

09 August 2007

This study involved a programme of stakeholder consultation to find out how Local Government Employers (LGE) is perceived and where development might best be directed in the future.

The LGE response can be downloaded from the LGE website.

Key Findings

Key findings

  • The overriding conclusion from the research is that there is a need to raise the profile of the organisation overall. Action on this would serve to clarify the range of services offered, to reduce confusion regarding the role of the organisation vis a vis others and to ensure that LGE is receiving recognition and credit for its many achievements.
  • The research indicated that, overall, attitudes towards LGE are positive and there is widespread recognition that improvements have been made since it was set up a year ago.
  • Variation in levels of engagement with LGE is due to a number of factors including:
    • varying levels of understanding as to the focus or remit of LGE
    • lack of clarity regarding the service offering from LGE
    • confusion between the role of LGE and the regional employer organisations
    • lack of understanding of the division of responsibility between LGE and IDeA
    • differences in resources and/or support available internally within Councils.
  • Respondents would welcome greater consultation and involvement with LGE and concern was expressed that those outside of London should not be marginalised.
  • When suggestions were made relating to future action by LGE, there was consistency in the underlying themes of a need for greater visibility, clarification of role, increased engagement and dialogue and potentially delivering stronger guidance and direction.

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