Planning for Action: Part 1: A survey of schools' post-inspection action planning

Karen Maychell, Shalini Pathak

01 March 1997

After an OFSTED inspection, schools have a maximum of 40 days to draw up an action plan. How do schools set about this task? What is their reaction to the inspection findings? Who draws up the action plan? Is it a collaborative process? What role do school governors play in action planning? Moreover, what happens once the action plan has been completed? How soon is it implemented? Are there resources and training implications? What role does the LEA play? What factors help or hinder schools in achieving the targets in their action plans? And, finally, what positive outcomes arise from inspection and action planning?

This report, based on NFER's 15-month study of post-inspection action planning, sheds light on these key questions. Drawing on the experiences of more than 200 primary, middle and secondary schools nationwide, it describes the process and outcomes of post-inspection action planning.

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