Postcards from Research-engaged Schools

Caroline Sharp, Anna Eames, Dawn Sanders, Kathryn Tomlinson

26 September 2005

Fifteen primary and secondary schools made a commitment to put research at the heart of their work. Their local education authorities and a team of researchers at NFER supported them and this book is the result. It presents ‘postcards’ from the journeys made by the teachers in these schools and offers practical guidance to others. Schools chose their own research topics and approached their research in different ways. (Download a sample case study from the book)

Primary schools focused on:

  • improving reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • the impact of early learning strategies
  • using whiteboards to help develop children’s writing
  • helping ‘newly arrived’ pupils and improving parental involvement.

Secondary schools focused on:

  • the impact of teachers’ questions
  • students’ learning styles
  • accelerated learning
  • behaviour management
  • students’ progress in mathematics and the use of e-learning in geography.

Becoming a research-engaged school is a venture into new territory, but it also provides exciting opportunities for new insights, experiences and relationships. This book is essential reading for all schools who are interested in using research to inform their practice, as well as those who are already using research in this way.

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