Qualitative Impact Evaluation of the Food for Life Partnership Programme

Caroline Sharp, Gill Featherstone, David Teeman, David Sims

21 June 2011

The Food for Life Partnership (FFLP) aims to improve healthy eating and food awareness among children and young people by creating a positive food culture within schools. It encourages schools to serve fresh, seasonal and ethically sourced food and promotes a programme of activities on nutrition and food provenance.

Key Findings

  • Schools had transformed their food culture, with positive outcomes for children, families and communities
  • Making meal times more attractive to the school community, through improvements to the food and dining environment, had led to increased meal uptake
  • School staff felt that The FFLP had contributed to improvements in pupils’ attainment and behaviour
  • The experiential learning approach promoted by the FFLP was welcomed, especially for pupils with learning difficulties
  • Schools found it challenging to fulfil the award criteria, especially in relation to food provenance.

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