QUASE: Quantitative Analysis for Self-Evaluation. Technical report 1996. Analysis of GCSE Cohorts 1993 to 1995

Ian Schagen

01 July 1996

This report is essential reading for all who want to find out factors which affect performance in secondary schools at the end of Year 11 (age 15-16). Data from 27,000 pupils in almost 100 schools over three cohorts has been assembled as part of the QUASE (Quantitative Analysis for Self-Evaluation) service to schools. This information analysed includes detailed GCSE examination results, as well as attendance and post-16 destinations. These results are analysed in terms of student background data such as sex, ethinicity, age, eligibility for free schools meals, and prior attainment. Information relating to type of school, social background and parental involvement is used to give further valuable insights.

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