Research and Data Teams and Their Work for Children's Services

Sue Woolmer

03 February 2009

This report presents the findings of a survey of local authority research and data teams conducted by EMIE at NFER in March-April 2008. It focuses on the organisation and work of local authority research and data services in the context of integrated children`s services.

Specifically, it aims to:

  • investigate the impact of recent changes and new areas of work on research and data teams and their traditional work, for example, with schools
  • give a picture of how research and data activities for children`s services are being organised and carried out by local authorities
  • inform future directions by identifying areas of good practice as well as areas of difficulty and challenge.

This is the third survey undertaken by EMIE at NFER of local authority research and data services.

Printed version ISBN: 978 1 906792 20 6

About the author:

Sue Woolmer is a senior information officer with EMIE at NFER. She holds a professional qualification and a masters degree in information science. Through managing the EMIE website she has been involved in developing extensive online resources to help local authorities share information. She has worked in all three EMIE surveys of local authority research and data services.