Research into the Implementation of APP in Key Stage 3 Science: Interim Report (Executive Summary)

Naomi Rowe

01 September 2009

The overall aim of this project is to look at the uptake and implementation of Assessing Pupils’ Progress (APP) in KS3 science following its introduction in January 2009. The findings from this project will provide science specialists with an overall picture of the current assessment context and identify areas where further support is needed.

This interim report documents the findings from the first online questionnaire which was ‘live’ between 5th May 2009 and 15th May 2009.

Key Findings

  • On balance positive responses outweighed negative.
  • The majority of LA science consultants said that the responses from teachers had been positive but there were remaining concerns.
  • APP has the potential to improve teaching and learning in science.
  • Concerns raised about the perceived increase in teacher workload upon the introduction of APP.
  • Largest potential barrier to the implementation of APP is time, or rather a ‘lack of time’.